Introductory lesson at Bellyssima

Introductory lesson at Bellyssima

Do you just want to experience it for once?
A single introductory lesson is €10,-. Click here to see where and when the lessons take place.

Did you know that?
If you take a membership, you will receive our online belly dance course as a gift. This is our BELLYSSIMA APP for your phone or tablet so that you can practice anytime and anywhere and master the movements and dances as soon as possible. This app contains not only belly dance exercises but also fun forever body work outs and useful tools and meditations to improve your mindset so that you have everything at hand to feel good about yourself. Check out the app at or in your Google Play Store or Β Apple store!

Already have belly dance experience?
If you’ve taken belly dance lessons before and are unsure about which level to try, we recommend starting with the beginners’ class and then deciding what suits you best from there. In our beginners’ lessons, you’ll learn some combinations and dances that we use as warm-ups in the semi-advanced classes. It’s a shame to feel like you have to catch up with everything. Usually, you can progress to the next level within 8 to 12 weeks.

Another option is to join the semi-advanced class right away and discuss with the instructor after class which choreographies and beginner movements you should work on independently (with the help of our belly dance app).

Is belly dance already part of your culture?
In this case as well, we recommend trying out the beginners’ class first. We often find that freestyling comes naturally, but as soon as you have to think about the techniques, you might get stuck. That’s not a problem; just practice a bit, and you’ll usually progress faster than those without this background.”

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